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Bonneville Power Administration

System Protection Control Craftsman Trainee, BB-2606-00

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The Dalles, Oregon
East Wenatchee, Washington
North Bend, Oregon
Redmond, Oregon
Kent, Washington
Richland, Washington
Snohomish, Washington
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Location Notes:
Vacancies exist in the following locations: East Wenatchee and Kent, Washington; and North Bend, Redmond, and The Dalles, Oregon. Unassigned Trainee posiitons exist in Snohomish and Richland WA.
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US Citizens
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Permanent - No time limit
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Work Schedule:
Full Time

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  • The Bonneville Power Administration has been powering people and careers for nearly 75 years. We are a non-profit federal agency that provides clean, emissions-free hydroelectricity to the Pacific Northwest and maintains a high voltage transmission system to deliver that electricity. We are a leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship, promoting energy efficiency, renewable wind and hydropower, the smart grid, fish and wildlife protection and initiatives to address climate change. We are a visionary and innovative agency that values diversity and creativity and encourages continuous learning. We are located throughout the Pacific Northwest with opportunities in cities, smaller communities and in the field. You can learn more about BPA at


  • This is a permanent position with a full-time work schedule, located in the Transmission Field Services organization.

    Vacancies currently exist in East Wenatchee and Kent, Washington; and North Bend, Redmond, and The Dalles, Oregon. Two additional ???Unassigned Trainee??? positions that will require a mobility agreement are available in Richland, WA and Snohomish WA. In the online applicant questionnaire you will asked to choose the location(s) for which you wish to be considered.

    About the Transmission Field Services Organization

    Transmission Field Services is responsible for managing field operations, maintenance and construction of BPAs high-voltage electrical transmission system and providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective service to customers. These responsibilities include physical field operations, maintenance, and construction of BPAs electric and non-electric plant facilities in the BPA service area.

    The Vice President (VP) for Transmission Field Services reports to the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Transmission Services and provides advice and support to Transmission Field Services managers and employees. The Senior Operations and Maintenance Managers each have oversight for several Districts and are responsible for key policy formulation and decisions for long- and short-range strategic planning for the Transmission System. Through their own staffs and the Districts, the Senior Operations and Maintenance Managers assure that Transmission Field Services achieves the following overall results: safe power system for employees and the public; reliable electric service for customers; and cost effective operation, maintenance, and replacement of the BPA power system.

    BPA is also announcing positions at the Journey level as System Protection Control (SPC) Craftsman I under vacancy announcement # 200244. You must submit a separate application for each announcement for which you would like to be considered.

    Applicants are responsible for reviewing the OTHER SIGNIFICANT FACTS section of the vacancy announcement. This section can be viewed by navigating to the Public Notice Vacancy Announcement link after you have logged in to the system.


    All United States citizens are eligible to apply. Candidates will be considered under a variety of appointing authorities including Delegated Examining, Merit Promotion, VRA, and VEOA (if applicable).


    - The System Protection Control Craftsman Trainee position is NOT an apprenticeship position. This is an Advanced Trainee position requiring journeyman level technician experience, performing preventive, corrective and emergency maintenance on electrical and electronic equipment. The System Protection Control Craftsman Trainee completes a training program that orients them to the specific electrical equipment and systems utilized in the Bonneville Power Administration.

    - Technical Interviews will be required for all candidates as part of the qualifications determination process.

    - This position has a selective factor which will serve as a screen-out element. You must submit a complete copy of your Non-Employment driving record obtained from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, covering the past three years and dated within the last 90 days. Failure to provide will result in a rating of not qualified. Applicants who do not possess a good driving record will receive no further consideration for this position (Details are provided in the Other Significant Facts section of the announcement, below.)

    - If selected, you will be required to pass a pre-appointment background investigation and physical examination.

    CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: Persons filling System Protection Control Craftsman Trainee positions will be required to meet some or all of the following conditions:

    1. Work under varying climatic conditions.
    2. Work at and travel to remote locations (may be alone).
    3. Work with a team or crew.
    4. Work around high voltage.
    5. Be subject to call for emergency work at any time.
    6. Work above ground (at heights up to 40 feet with appropriate safety equipment).
    7. Work around high noise levels.
    8. Work with a respirator or full face mask when required.
    9. Work around moving machinery.
    10. Lift, carry, pull, and place equipment and instruments weighing up to 50 pounds.
    11. Work around toxic or hazardous materials.
    12. Establish a residence in accordance with negotiated requirements that is within one hour or less commuting time under normal weather and road conditions, to the duty station headquarters.
    13. Become familiar with and follow the safety practices of the BPA Accident Prevention Manual
    14. If exposed to health hazards, have periodic physical examinations as prescribed by competent medical authority at BPA expense. (Employees may work in close proximity to substances, such as acids, PCB's, pesticides, asbestos, mercury, etc., which may have effects on health unless prescribed handling procedures are followed.)
    15. Possess an electrical worker's permit or obtain one within 120 days after the requirement is established.
    16. Possess a valid state driver's license. Possess a U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Authorization or obtain within 30 days after requirement is established and maintain continuously thereafter. Traffic citations indicating poor driving habits may disqualify applicants.
    17. As circumstances dictate, or as required by management possess or obtain standard clearance certification.
    18. Obtain within 1 year after appointment, and maintain continuously thereafter, a valid First Aid card, CPR card, or appropriate training.
    19. Operate motor vehicles, including 1-1/2 ton pickups, sedans, van type trucks, forklifts, and 4x4s. Be certified to operate specialized equipment if assigned to use

    WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed primarily indoors. Some work will involve travel to remote sites or substations, and may be performed in adverse weather conditions which include extreme temperatures. The employee may be exposed to electrical hazards of all voltages existing in the BPA system, and will be expected to work occasionally on substation equipment at heights 40 feet above the ground. The work environment will occasionally include high noise levels or exposure to toxic or hazardous substances (i.e., acids, solvents, PCB's, mercury, pesticides, etc.) that could, if precautions are not followed, pose a health risk. Proper respiratory and safety equipment shall be worn when hazardous substances are being handled.

    PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Incumbents must be physically and mentally able to efficiently perform the essential duties of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation, without hazard to themselves or others.


  • The System Protection Control Craftsman Trainee (SPC Craftsman Trainee) works under the direct supervision of a System Protection Control Craftsman or a System Protection Control Engineer. As a trainee, the incumbent performs a variety of tasks designed to provide experience which will enhance the trainee's technical understanding and skill in the use of the tools and equipment of the work. The System Protection Control Craftsman Trainee performs all duties in compliance with government regulations, BPA safety rules, and the BPA-CPTC Collective Agreement.

    The System Protection Control Craftsman Training Program is a formal program consisting of six steps of approximately 6 months each. The program starts at step 5 and ends at step 10. Trainees will be promoted to Craftsman after successfully passing the tenth step. In addition to satisfactorily completing the on-the-job training portion of the program, trainees are required to satisfactorily complete a related training course over the training period which will require about 8 hours each week of their own time. Failure to perform satisfactorily in either phase of the training, as set forth in the SPC Craftsman Training Program Plan Supplementary, will be sufficient cause for removal from the program.

    Trainees may enter the program at step 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. The length and content of the training program is based upon the step at which the trainee is hired. The training program is adjusted according to the following schedule.

    - Trainee 5 requires a three year training program
    - Trainee 6 requires a two and a half year training program
    - Trainee 7 requires a two year training program
    - Trainee 8 requires a one and a half year training program
    - Trainee 9 requires a one year training program
    - Trainee 10 requires a one half year training program.

    Work is performed under the supervision of an SPC Craftsman or SPC Engineer who outlines the assignments and the objectives, suggests and discusses the work. The work is closely reviewed for conformance to instructions, accuracy, completeness and appropriateness of any action taken. The trainee works independently on all aspects of work for which they are fully trained. The Trainee is responsible for good work practices, learning the information required in each step and related training material, and for completion of tasks in a manner which will insure personal safety and the safety of the crew. System Protection Control Craftsman Trainees are accountable for government-owned, assigned personal property. They are also responsible for the proper use of tools, vehicles, and other work equipment.

    A SPC Craftsman Trainee must be able to work compatibly and effectively with workers of other crafts, engineers who test and energize new equipment, customers and manufacturers representatives. Since the work involves working in a team environment, the ability to work cooperatively and harmoniously with others is essential.

  • Tasks: The SPC Craftsman Trainee, under direct supervision, performs preventive and corrective maintenance on protective relays, revenue meters, telemetering schemes, substation control systems, and various kinds of substation monitoring equipment.

    1. Uses test equipment to determine response of meters, relays, telemetering and other equipment. Follows accepted procedures to install, calibrate, troubleshoot, and maintain equipment.
    2. Arranges equipment outages with Operations and customer utilities.
    3. Prepares data reports and keeps incidental records pertinent to the tests performed.
    4. Uses technical documentation for maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment.
    5. Collects, scales, and annotates power system event and fault records.
    6. Keeps test equipment in good safe working order.
    7. Performs miscellaneous duties related to the maintenance of the power system.

Contact Information:

Human Resources NHQ-1
503-230-3230 or 877-975-4275

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