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Peace Corps

Country Director, FP-0340-1

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Country Director 09-03
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Peace Corps posts worldwide
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US Citizens
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Full Time

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  • PRIOR INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITY OR RELATED WORK: Individuals who have been engaged in certain intelligence activity or related work or who have been employed by or connected with an intelligence agency are ineligible for employment with Peace Corps. Acceptance of employment with Peace Corps precludes employment by certain intelligence organizations for a specific period of time, determined by the employing agency, after Peace Corps employment ceases. APPLICANTS WITH CIA CONNECTIONS. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO PROCEED.
  • Applicants who applied in the last 12 months and were not selected, will not be considered unless they have additional experience/training to report.

    If you have Peace Corps experience as a Volunteer and/or an employee staff member, ensure you include your period of Peace Corps experience, location and dates in the 'Work History' screen when completing your application.
    As required of all US overseas direct hires, prior to beginning Overseas Staff Training, candidates must successfully complete the process for a Top Secret security clearance; and they and all family going with them must obtain State Department medical clearances.

    The Peace Corps Country Director is responsible for managing and directing all aspects of the Peace Corps program in the country of assignment. The Country Director is:

    • Responsible for supporting 50 to 250 Volunteers as they live and work in a country, often under conditions of hardship, lend their skills and energy to meet community needs and promote a better understanding between the host country people and Americans.

    • The senior manager of a staff of 15 to 40 employees (including two to three Americans) and the senior administrator of an annual budget ranging from $1 million to $4 million.

    • The senior Peace Corps representative in the country of assignment.

    • Responsible for analyzing and implementing all Peace Corps programming and projects.

    • The personification of the Peace Corps' commitment to improving world understanding and peace through people-to-people contact.

    These vacancies may be filled at the FP-02 or FP-01 level with no promotion potential.

    For questions regarding this specific Country Director vacancy contact Overseas Recruitment Selection and Support at (202) 692-2114 or

    E-mail Communication will be sent to you from ''. Take appropriate steps within your email settings to allow delivery from this address. If you do not, these emails may be blocked or placed in your 'SPAM' folder.
    Once you submit your application, there will be no ability to update. If you are no longer interested in consideration after application submission, you may withdraw you application by logging into Avue and review those jobs for which you have applied.


  • Program Direction and Leadership
    With host country partnering organizations, develops a vision for the country program and a plan for achieving the vision. Takes the leadership role in preparing cooperating agreements between Peace Corps and host country partner agencies. These agreements should include a description of the project objectives, an estimate of the number of Volunteers to be assigned to the project, the responsibilities of the Peace Corps and the partner ministry or agency, and the rights of the partners within the relationship. In collaboration with staff, devises a system that defines project development and management responsibilities.
    Volunteer Support
    Approves and facilitates Volunteer projects and programming to assure Volunteer productivity and host country support. This requires analyzing and understanding host country needs and viability of the project; evaluating Volunteer assignments, sites, and counterparts; and managing and supporting associate Peace Corps directors who are directly responsible for training and programming support.
    Establishes relationships with trainees and Volunteers that foster an understanding of the challenges of Peace Corps service; invites an open and respectful dialog between Volunteers and staff; evokes enthusiasm and support for the Peace Corps mission and the host country people and culture; instills a work ethic, cultural sensitivity, and sense of camaraderie among Volunteers.
    Establishes systems to ensure the personal health, safety, and security of Volunteers. This requires developing, testing, and enforcing policies and procedures; ensuring the delivery of training to Volunteers and staff; collaborating with the U.S. embassy and host government as appropriate; anticipating, preventing, and managing crises ranging from sexual assaults and natural disasters to civil unrest and emergency evacuations.
    Ensures that medical, programmatic, training, and administrative staff can identify and are equipped to provide appropriate support to Volunteers dealing with cross-cultural adjustment issues and the challenges in working with host country counterparts/ supervisors, host families, and colleagues, and of living in a foreign country.
    Management and Administrative
    Manages all Peace Corps staff members and contract personnel in country of assignment. This includes hiring, training, supervising, promoting, and monitoring employees in a cross-cultural setting, where local practices and law may be in conflict with U.S. government regulations, American work standards, or the practical needs of managing an office and a program.
    Administers and oversees financial management, procurement, contract negotiation, disbursement, property control, and administrative services for the Peace Corps in the country of assignment. Ensures compliance with Peace Corps policy, U.S. federal government regulations, and local law. Assures timely submission of annual financial reports, prepares and submits other budget data to headquarters as requested, and reviews fiscal expenditures and imprest fund activities.
    Sets the tone and character of the Peace Corps program to the country at large and serves as leader, liaison, role model, and representative for all Volunteers, trainees, and staff.
    Establishes and maintains relationships with host country government officials and local authorities, representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other persons of influence in the country┐s developmental efforts; and works with these individuals and organizations to enhance and promote the Peace Corps programs.
    Establishes and maintains relationships with the chief of mission, regional security office, and others within the U.S. mission that foster the cooperation and coordination necessary to achieve Peace Corps┐ goals and ensure the safety of Volunteers, but maintains maximum independence.

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Avue Help Desk
(800) 407-0147

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