At the current time, the Forest Service does not have any positions open on this site or on USAJOBS. At some point after October 1, 2012, the Forest Service will be using USAJOBS for its applicant site and will take your application through the USAJOBS process. In addition to USAJOBS, Forest Service jobs will continue to be consolidated and available through Avue Central ® so you can continue to use Avue Central as your primary job search partner for Forest Service jobs as well as any other federal job.

Avue has also provided a method for you to create a .pdf of your Avue Central application and profile so that you may use it as your federal job resume. You can use this to apply for any federal job posted on USAJOBS by attaching this federal resume to your USAJOBS profile. In addition, you can use this .pdf resume to apply for jobs outside of the federal sector. On your Avue Central 'Home' page, you will see a link to your 'Virtual Resume' on the right frame menu. Click on that, go directly to step 6, click on 'Save' and then click on 'Build Resume' - it will open another window and your .pdf form resume will be there. If you need help, contact us at or click the 'Avue Dojo' button on the top right of the screen and initiate a live chat with us.

Avue's help desk, communities and forums, and status lookups will continue to be available to you on Avue Central.

In addition, Avue's new job board - - the Wildfire Exchange consolidates wildland fire job postings - federal, state, local, private sector, and tribal - and the Wildfire Exchange provides a forum where wildland firefighters, employers, and suppliers can do everything from post jobs, look for work, advertise capabilities, stay current on fires, share the latest in equipment and techniques, match skill needs with those who have them, and share the interests and knowledge of the wildland fire community. On Avue Central you will see a 'click here' to copy your Avue Central profile into the WildfireX site. With that one click, you will become a member of the Wildfire Exchange and be able to use your existing Avue profile as well as a highly streamlined application process to become part of the Wildfire Talent Pool and have employers seek you out for jobs they have available. Over the next four weeks, more and more will be made available for you to use on the site and, if you opt in, we will inform you of new features via email and on the site itself.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or click the 'Avue Dojo' button on the top right of the screen on Avue Central and chat live with us. Thank you. We appreciate having you as an Avue Central user.

This message was posted on October 1, 2012.